Since 2011, the South African-German Energy Programme (SAGEN) collaborates with South African partners from government and the private sector to promote a diverse and inclusive energy transition for all. The progamme‘s activities are closely coordinated and implemented with the DMRE, National Treasury, Eskom, SALGA and municipalities.

The main factors driving the energy transition include the economic and political drive towards low-cost clean energy solutions, the acceleration of decentralised power generation technologies, increased digitalisation, and energy efficiency reaching across entire power systems. These changes are causing a structural shift in the way power systems and markets are set up and operated.

SAGEN focuses its support on six key areas:

    • Supporting dialogues and exchange formats on energy transition and sector reform
    • Supporting regulation to enable viable and resilient distribution utilities
    • Managing the structural, socio-economic challenges in the energy sector
    • Developing and implementing modular training courses in the area of Power System Planning and Operation and Energy Policy and Regulation
    • Supporting the piloting of technology innovations for the energy transition

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    EPPEI Programmes

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    • Improving grid access regulations
    • Supporting Eskom transmission system planning and operation
    • Supporting Eskom distribution system planning and operation

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    • Supporting distribution network operators on establishing application and registration processes for embedded generators
    • Supporting the implementation of national regulation with regards to embedded generation
    • Supporting quality assurance mechanisms for embedded generators

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    • Promotion of specific technologies, including cogeneration, pumps and motors, lighting
    • Supporting DMRE and municipalities in the implementation of the EEDSM programme
    • Supporting ESCO market development in collaboration with the EPPBIP project (funded by NAMA Facility)

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    • Supporting learning and exchange platforms
    • Delivering training and capacity building to complete energy baseline studies, conduct energy audits, prepare implementation projects and compile energy action plans.
    • Piloting of MEMS in selected municipalities
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