Capacity Building

Boosting professional skills helps promoting reliable, affordable and clean energy.

To equip individuals and public organisations with the expertise and tools required to shape South Africa’s sustainable energy future, SAGEN supports tailored training and knowledge exchange formats to refine expertise, strengthen the capabilities of stakeholders and foster a collaborative environment for sustainable energy practices and proactive engagement in the ongoing energy transition.

SAGEN continues the collaboration with AELC and PFL to address the need for expertise in power markets in South Africa. The country is undergoing a rapid energy transition, an ongoing energy supply crisis, and a comprehensive power sector reform. South Africa aims to create a competitive power market to ensure fair competition among electricity generators and to procure flexibility and ancillary services needed for system stability with increased distributed renewable energy generation.

A significant challenge to achieving this goal is the scarcity of expertise in power markets within the country. This scarcity is evident in the lack of dedicated educational programmes on power markets in South African universities and the limited availability of local experts to guide governmental and private sector stakeholders on power market design, regulations, and international good practices. 

In partnership with universities, we aim to enhance local expertise and access to knowledge through e.g. course participation, exchange formats.

Featured Experts

Elaine Cheung

Advisor for Capacity Building, Team Lead for Strategic Communication


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Key Results

Accredited Courses
Accredited short courses on power systems planning and operation, energy policy and regulation, electricity governance, and green hydrogen at 3 universities.

(40% Women)

860 professionals have attended these short courses to date
In 2 media training we have trained
Decision makers
Journalists & communicators
Trained in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Tshwane
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