Municipal Energy Management Systems

We provide support to local municipalities to enhance energy efficiency and implement effective energy management systems.

SAGEN collaborates closely with municipalities to establish a comprehensive and systematic framework for understanding and managing energy usage. This effort aims to assist local municipalities in enhancing energy efficiency, implementing effective management strategies, reducing consumption, and fostering environmentally responsible practices.

Project Highlights

SAGEN assisted in the development of the Municipal Energy Management Support Toolkit developed to provide practical support in establishing the groundwork to embed energy management within a municipality.
MEMS established a framework for energy management within the municipal structures. We are currently working alongside thirteen municipalities in seven provinces.
In collaboration with partners, SAGEN developed training for municipal managers and officers responsible for energy, water, sanitation and environment.
SAGEN regularly hosts MEMS exchange workshops with municipalities.

Relevant Publications

Key Results



The MEMS initiative has demonstrated significant energy and cost savings: +R40m was saved by November 2023, in six months from administrative measures alone.


105 participants in the Exchange Workshops from participating municipalities which facilitated networking; sharing of experiences, lessons and resources for policy development, energy monitoring and navigating various challenges. Helping to catalyse collaboration and exchanges among the municipalities, leading to more ambitious progress than originally foreseen and has also already resulted in tangible energy and cost savings. Two exchange workshops have already been facilitated in the first quarter of 2024.
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Additional workshops

Additional workshops were held with a broader group of 35 municipalities to facilitate knowledge exchanges and sharing of experiences beyond those that receive direct support, in partnership with Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA).

Municipalities Joined

Five additional municipalities joined the MEMS programme in 2023. Another two municipalities joined in March 2024. These new municipalities have embarked on the MEMS journey focusing largely on the consolidation of consumption data, establishment of organizational structures and the development of MEMAPS.
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