Power Systems Planning and Operation

An expanded and renewable-ready grid is the backbone of reliable, affordable and clean energy.

SAGEN supports Eskom with the strategic coordination and optimization of the transmission and distribution grid as new generation technologies are introduced. It employs advanced planning and operational strategies to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the power system, adding to South Africa’s energy security and long-term development goals.

Project Highlights

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  • SAGEN provides technical assistance and capacity building to a cohort of Eskom experts to prepare and execute studies that identify and prevent potential system stability threats that could be as a result of an increasing distribution of renewable energy generators.
  • Bringing in examples and expertise from international best practices, SAGEN offers recommendations for standards and guidelines to support Eskom Energy Transition initiatives.
  • SAGEN supports Eskom in the development of a generator connection code summarising all connection requirements as well as preparing recommendations for further improvement of the codes.
  • SAGEN supports Eskom in the structured and continuous identification of hosting capacities as well as their visualisation in an online platform. This work aims to help developers identify areas with connection capacity and avoid unnecessary project preparation expenses.

Key Results



During this phase of the programme 150+ Eskom engineers have benefited from capacity building activities amongst others on system stability, power quality, protection and Electromagnetic Transients (EMT) studies.
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Distribution Network Operations Planning

The support work saw the development of a Distribution Network Operations Planning (DNOP) standard. Which is necessary to ensure stability and security of the sub-transmission and distribution systems.
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Developed a guideline for Recommended Practice for Grid Code Compliance Studies for Renewable Energy Power Plants and Hybrid Power Plants.
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