Support for Municipalities

Municipal Support for the establishment of a Municipal Energy Management System

April 2019


Rising electricity tariffs from Eskom and climate change consideration are forcing energy consumers to manage, and possibly reduce, their energy usage. Municipalities are further affected as rising electricity debt will impact on service delivery to its residents. However, many municipalities lack the capacity and resources to monitor energy consumption and further identify measures to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. The need for entrenching energy efficiency is also outlined in Government policies and strategies, for example the draft post 2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy (NEES), calls for the formulation of municipal energy action plans and the appointment of energy managers.

In this light, the South African-German Energy Programme (SAGEN) GIZ and its partners, the Department of Energy and South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is supporting selected municipalities to enable them to implement municipal energy management systems (MEMS) within the operational structures of the municipality, with the aim to reduce their own consumption of electricity. In this context, an energy management system refers to a structured process to identify energy cost centres, measure energy supply, identify opportunities for energy savings, plan energy saving interventions, implement interventions and measure and report impact.

Overview of SAGEN MEMS support:

Since municipalities in South Africa differ widely in terms of their size, capacity and resources as well as their levels of awareness and implementation of energy efficiency measures. The project accommodated this by identifying three different “categories” of municipalities (Innovators – Aspirants – Beginners) and will implement different and adapted approaches of support suited to the needs of each.

The approach is summarised as follows:

Innovator Municipalities
(Support launched in February 2019)

Support Type: Facilitating Knowledge Exchange between Metro municipalities. Specific topics to be identified and supported.

Eligibility: This call is for Metropolitan Municipalities only

Aspirant Municipalities
(Call Closed)

Support Type: Intense Support for 4 – 6 municipalities in developing a MEMS. Ideal municipalities should have some experience with energy management

Eligibility: This call is for District and Local Municipalities only
Call Closed Call Closed